Welcome to The Living Room!


This is the nick name for The Railroad Pub, as it is so cozy. Here you’ll meet guests from all around the world. Everyone is welcome regardless of profession, nationality, sexuality or age. However, we expect good behavior of all guests.
We offer a huge, diversified selection of beers and a few snacks. We serve no food, but you are welcome to bring a sandwich or a sausage from the stand across the street.
Our relaxed atmosphere is due to our everything train decor, old paintings and the efficient waiters and and first of all our many friendly guests!

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Enjoy Yourself and Win…


… a medal! You’ll receive a punch card, if you choose to drink the bar’s own beer, 7 EKSPRESSEN. Each new 7 EKPRESSEN beer will give you a punch.

After 10 punches you’ll get a Bronze medal, but you can also keep on going for Silver, Gold or even the new Flag medal.

We make photos of all Gold or Flag medal winners. They are shown in the pub and here at the homepage in the Gallery.

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Live Music


Leif P. plays music for and with the quests every Wednesday and Sunday at 7.30 pm – just like he has done the last 30 years.

Tuesdays of the month, we offer a special event: 1) Carsten Musikus, 2) ByggerBanden, 3) Pub Quiz, 4) Boysen/Andersen Band Jazz Trio & 5) Bagpipe Show.

For more information, check: Events!

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